Whereas, James P. Truss, Tax Commissioner on behalf of the Tax Department of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for two years preceding such report have failed to pay the taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of this State.

Now, therefore, I, Richard C. McMullen, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Sections 75 and 76, Chapter 6, of the Revised Statutes of 1915, as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid are repealed:

A. A. Michaud & Co., Inc., A-B-C Stores, Inc., A. E. F. Lines, Inc., A. G. Bradley, Inc., A. Garbliks' Sons, Inc., A. Ingenito Funeral Home, Inc., A. J. Paul Co., A. & K. Air Lift Company, A. L. Lowe General Excavating Company, A. Lad Lamp Corporation, A. Topkis & Brother, Inc., Abraham Bralow and Company, Accelerating Valve Motor Corporation, Ace Oil Company, Ace Products Incorporated, Ace Traffic Charts, Inc., Acme Air Conditioning Corporation, Aerial News Company, Inc., Aero Advertising Corporation, Aetna Products Corporation, After Thirty Laboratories, Inc., Air Drill Corporation, The, Airecon Corporation, Airplane and Engine Development Company, Inc., Airplane & Marine Direction Finder, Inc., Alabasque Corporation, Alaimo Bros., Inc., Alaska Furriers, Ltd., Alaska Trading & Navigation Co. Inc., Albers Products Co., Inc., Alberto Vales Company, Alden Farms, Inc., Alexander H. Findlay, Inc., Alfred Leith Co., Inc., Alien Deportation and Exclusion League, Inc., All States Charter Corporation, Allen Carroll Company, Allied Continental Corporation, Allied Cotton Garment Association, Allied Refrigerators Service, Inc., Alpaugh Oil Company, Alpen Corporation, Alpha Distributors, Inc., Alpha Management Corporation, Alpha Mining Corporation, Alva Electric Products Co., American Aniline & Extract Co., Inc., American Basket Corporation, American Celilynd Limited, American Chemical & Drug Company, American Clubman Publishing Corporation, American Coarse Gold Corporation, American Consolidated Tin Mines Corporation, American Dialyzer Corporation, American Expansion Wheel Corporation, The, American Fidelity Society, American Fiscal Corporation, American Home Benefit Association, American Irrigation Company, American Isteg Steel Corporation, American Katalite Corporation, American Lime and Silica Products Company, American Loan Company of Camden, American Loan Company of New Haven, American-Mexican Claims Bureau, Incorporated, American Mineral Company, The, American Motor Ignition Corporation, American Pantepec Petroleum Corporation, American Renoleo Company, American Service Corporation, American Standard Rating Service Corporation, American Glass Manufacturing Company, American Sugar Pine Company, Inc., American Swiss Properties, Inc., American Union Life Association, American Writing Paper Company, Incorporated, Amisk Incorporated Mines, Ltd., Amortization Management Corporation, Amplilux Corporation of America, Angus Company, The, Animal Features, Incorporated, Ansonia Packing Corporation, Apollo Oil Corporation, App Tunneling Corporation, The, Arbanis Holding Company, Inc., Arcy Corporation, The, Ardco Manufacturing Company, Arena Grill, Inc., Argo Mining and Tunnel Company, Argo Novelties Inc., Argonne Cemetery Company, Argus Petroleum Corporation, Argyle Corporation, The, Ariston Grill, Inc., Arizona Limes, Inc., Armour Lake Gold Mining Co., Ltd. The, Arnolds, Inc., Arro Tube and Mfg. Corporation, Arrow Cleaners & Dyers, Inc., Arta Corporation of America, Artanna Realty Corporation, Artcraft Decorating Company, Artcraft Studios, Incorporated, Artisto Monument and Marker Co., Inc., Asbury Day Nursery, Inc., Asscuney Corporation, The, Associated Advertisers, Inc., Associated American Underwriters Corporation, Associated Business Schools, Inc., Auto Vision Aid, Incorporated, Automatic Stores, Inc., Automotive Parts, Inc., Automotive Patent Holding Company, Avalon Company, Avenue Syndicate, Ayres, Litchfield Company, Incorporated, Azais Company, Inc., Associated Dairy Products, Inc., Associated Film Producers Corporation, Associated Investors Corporation, Atlantic City Lines, Inc., Atlantic Oil Company, Atlantic Ordnance Company, Inc., Atlantic States Line, Inc., Atlas Cab Corporation, Atlas Cordage, Inc., Atlas Distributing Company, Atomic Power Corporation, Atwood Laboratories, Inc., Arthur's, Inc., Allison-Fitzwilliam Petroleum Corporation, Aetna Finance Corporation, Aleco, Limited, Augusta Silk Company, Ascuncion Mines Corporation, Allied Oil, Gas & Coal Mining Development Corporation, American Petroleum Export Company, Anglo-American Founders, (Incorporated), Arrow Aircraft and Motors Corporation, Automatic Quotation Co., Automatic Telephone Dialer, Inc.

B. Franklin Theobald, Inc., Baker Company, The, Baker, Fernie & Co., Baker & Sons, Incorporated, Balcones Company, Inc., Baldwin Granite Company, The, Baltimore Mutual Company, Bamberger and Company, Banner Coal Mining Company, Barco Investment Company, Baron-s Inc., Barr Transfer Co., Barrett's Supply Company, Base Ball Kids, Incorporated, Bavarian Brewing Company, Bavarian Brewing Company of Wilmington, The, Bayer Display Easel Company, Inc., Beacon Publishing Company, The, Beall & Clark, Inc., Beece Corporation, Inc., Beechwood Improvement Co., Beinhocker, Inc., Belhaven Hotel Company, Bell Tire Company, Belmont Holding Company, Belvedere Hotel Company of Baltimore, Belvedere Kennett Company, The, Beneficial Finance Company of Altoona, Beneficial Finance Company of Johnstown, Beneficial Loan Society of Canton, Beneficial Loan Society of Cincinnati, Beneficial Loan Society of Cleveland, Beneficial Loan Society of Columbus, Beneficial Loan Society of Dayton, Beneficial Loan Society of Fort Wayne, Beneficial Loan Society of Gary, Beneficial Loan Society of Springfield Ohio, Beneficial Loan Society of Youngstown, Bennett & Co., Inc., Ben's Creek Coal Mining Company, Ben-s Shoe Store, Inc., Berkshire Hills Estates, Inc., Berry Corporation, Beryllium Products Corporation, Better Blacks, Inc., Better Houses, Inc., Betty Ann Tea Shoppe, Ltd., Beyer Realty Company, Big 3 Tile & Block Corporation, Birchett and Atkins, Inc., Birdsong Corporation, Bisca-Mix, Inc., Black Bute Mining Co., Black and Gold, Inc., Blair Sales Co., Inc., Blades Council Number eighteen Jr. 0. U. A. M. Inc., Blanken's Inc., Blue Lake Gold Mines, Inc., Blue Light Cab Corporation, Body and Foot Foundation Shoes Inc., Bonnie Brair, Inc., Bornsten Lander & Mayer, Inc., Bosun Mines Limited, Boulevard Building Co., Bourbon Distilleries Products, Inc., Bowers Oyster Company, Bowie Oil & Royalty Corporation, Boyd Bocks, Inc., Boyd Engineering and Construction Company, Inc., Boynton Heater Company, Bradford Coal Company, Bradley Corporation, The, Brandywine Ice Cream Company, Bresson Corporation, Bridges Company, The, Briskomb Company, Bristol Products Co. Inc., Brite Homes, Inc., British-America Gold Mining Company, Inc., British-American Pipe Line Company, Inc., Brockwell, Incorporated, Bromac Oil & Gas Company, Brooks Valet, Inc., Brotherhood of Motor Freight Employees, Inc., Brown Funeral Homes, Inc., Brown Lock Nut Company, Brown Oil and Gas Corporation, Bryan & Emery, Inc., Buck Taylor, Inc., Buell-Herndon & Co., Inc., Buffalo Electric Furnace Corporation, Buffalo Technical Institute, Inc., Buffington Tailoring Co., Burdan Bros. Inc., Burkhard Bulletin System, Inc., Burna Gold Mining Syndicate, Inc., Burnham Rusk Giles Strip, Inc., Burr Oaks Camp, Inc., The, Bus Advertising Service Inc., Busy Bee Dairy, Inc., Blue Ribbon Hog Farm, Inc., Bowsend Mining Company, British Petroleums, Limited, Black Cat Tea Room, Inc., The, British-American Timber Corporation, Bush Consolidated Gold Mines, Incorporated, B. 0. Longnecker, Inc.

C. B. and F. Petroleum Company, C. C. Henry Company, Incorporated, C. E. Hurley & Son, Inc., C. E. Schwartz Company, C. H. S. Corporation, C. K. Eagle and Company, Incorporated, Cal-co Laboratories, Inc., California Concentrators, Ltd., California Homestake Mines Corporation, California Hotel Company of Delaware, California Mining & Finance Corporation, California Standard Gold Mines Corporation, Calkan Petroleum Corporation, Cameron Tractors, Inc., Camp Rogope Corporation, Campbell Mineral Company, Inc., Canadus Mines Corporation, Cane Industries Corporation, Cann Bros., Inc., Canterbury Community Center, Inc., Capital Realty and Business Brokers Incorporated, The, Capital Varnish Works, Inc., Capitol Circulation Service Incorporated, The, Caribbean Securities Company, Carlotta Metals Company, Ltd., Carol Randolph Associates, Inc., Carol Randolph Laboratories, Inc., Carole's, Inc., Carolina Health Farms Incorporated, Caroline Investment Corporation, Caron-Starn Drug Company Incorporated, Carroll Arms Hotel, Inc., Carston Insurance Agency, Incorporated, Carter-Van Wyck, Inc., Cascabel Amusement Company, Cash Buyers, Co., Inc., Cash Coupons, Inc., Castle Foundry Company, Catholic Bishops Commission for Mexican Relief, Inc., Cattle Raisers Loan Company, Cella Leather Company, Central Basket Sales Corporation, Central Commonwealth Service Corporation, Central Farms Hatchery, Inc., Central Motor Parts Corporation, Central Pharmacy, Inc., Central Products Manufacturing Co., Inc., Central West Public Service Company of Nebraska, Central West Public Service Company of North Dakota, Century Gold Mining Company, Century Products Company, Inc., Chabbott's, Inc., Chaconas Florist, Inc., Cathay Commercial Company, Chalmers, Inc., Cardel Company, Incorporated, Char-Chemical-Company, Charley Haine's Service Station, Incorporated, Chas. Knight, Inc., Chemical Reduction Corporation, Chemical Service Laboratories, Incorporated, The, Cherokee Mining and Development Co., Inc., Chester Oil Company of Pennsylvania, Cheyenne Oil Company, Inc., Chic Beauty Salons, Inc., Chino Valley Oil Development Company, Chip-lets, Incorporated, Choral Properties, Inc., Chriscarala Corporation, The, Christie Corporation, Christopher Vandergrift Co., Church of Christian Liberty, Inc., Cigar Novelty Co., Inc., City Baking Company, City Properties Incorporated, City Service Cleaning Contractors, Inc., City Service Coal & Coke Co., Civil Service Associates, Inc., The, Civil Service Plan Bankers, Incorporated, Clark Petroleum Corporation, Claymont Court, Inc., Clayton E. Hurlbut Shoe Company, Inc., Clermont-Plumas Mines, Inc., Clymore Production Company, Co-operating Investors, Inc., Coal Products of America, Ltd., Coal Reduction, Inc., Coal Securities, Inc., Coast Range Land & Livestock Co., Coast States Petroleum Company, Coast Subdividers, Inc., Coin-omatic Corporation, Collins Hosiery Company, Inc., Colloidal Lime Plaster Corporation, Columbia Cattle & Development Corporation, Colon Oil Corporation, Colonial Enterprises, Inc., Colonial Garden Cafe, Inc., Colonial Paint & Supply Co., Colorado-Kansas Development Company, The, Colorado Manganese & Gold Mines, Inc., Colorthru Wood Products Corporation, Columbia Dairy, Inc., Columbia Motor Sales, Inc., Columbia River Longview Bridge Company, Comal Springs Brewing Co., Comet Trailer Corporation, Community Film Industries, Inc., Community Stores, Inc., Complex Mining and Engineering Corporation, Condiments Incorporated, Confederated Engineers, Inc., Consolidated Chemical Corporation, Consolidated Copper & Brass Co. Ltd., Consolidated Oil Productions, Incorporated, Construction Finance Corporation, The, Consumers Carbonic Corporation, Consumers Co-operative Corporation, Continental Bond & Investment Company, Continental Commercial Company, Continental Development Company, Control Corporation of America, Controversy Publishing Company, Cook County Mill and Lumber Company, Cooling & Heating, Inc., Coopers-burg Handle Works, Inc., Corbin and Company, Cordon Corporation, Craftsmen, Inc., Crane Ice Cream Corporation, Crawley Book Machinery Company, The, Crosene Corporation, Cross Mining Co., Inc., Crowder Construction Company, Crown Dairy Products Co., Crystal Beach Manor Civic and Fire Association, Inc., Cu-lead-ite Metal Products Corporation, Cuff Packing and Provision Company, Inc., Cumfer Building Products, Inc., Continental Petroleum Company, The, Covington-Cincinnati Cities Bridge Corporation, The, Cortez Oil Company, Covington Coal Products Co., Carlton Laboratories, Inc., Cavalier Oil Company, Corvette Oil Corporation, California Kettleman Oil Royalties, Inc., Comstock Cedar Hill Gold Mines, Inc., Coneto Mining Company, Chicago Gulf Corporation, Cartersville Barium Corporation, Connecticut Specialties Corporation, The, Creve Coeur Corporation, Cloister Co., The, Chicago Publications, Inc.

D. C. Campbell Coal Company, D. M. Delcollo, Inc., D. Taxin & Son, Co., Inc., Da Silva Port Wine Corporation, Dalco Lubricants, Inc., Dallas Broadcasting Company, Dasee Products Corporation, David J. Conroy Inc., Dai,vsons, Trading Post, Inc., Day Printing Co., De La Roza Corporation, Dean's 5-10 & $1.00 Store, Inc., Decker Chemical Company, Inc., Decorative .Development, Inc., Deerhead Petroleum Company, Deering Development Corporation, Defiance Parts Corporation, Dehaven Coal, Inc., Del-Ark Manganese Co., Delaware Home Builders, Inc., Delaware Housing Association Incorporated, Delaware Investment Company, Delaware Land Company, Delaware Land Development Corporation, Delaware Metal Products Co., Delaware Registration & Incorporators Company, Delaware Retail Gasoline Dealers Association, Delaware River Transportation Company, Delaware Sports Center, Inc., Delaware Tribe, No. 1, I. 0. R. M. Incorporated, Delma, Inc., Delmarvia Cash and Carry, Inc., Delomar Products, Inc., Delta Company, The, Dentaria, Incorporated, Diamond City Beef Company, The, Diamond Refining Company, Diamond State Investment Company, Diatlax Products Corporation, Dirad Corporation, Dirigibles, Incorporated, Dirigold Metals Corporation, Discovery Trading Corporation, Distillation Engineering Corporation, District of Columbia Company, District Real Estate Tax Corporation, District Sales & Finance Co., Divide Gold Mining Corporation, Dixie Cabin Camp Co., Dixie Deb Cosmetics, Inc., Dobson Engineering Corporation, Dollar Oil Corporation, Domain Oil Company, Donald Roebling Company, Inc., Donlevy Distilling Corporation, Dorothy Prencipe Beauty Shop, Inc., Double Ended Masonry Drill Corporation, Dougherty Investment Co., Ltd., Dow Gas Engine Starter Corporation, Dow Patents Holding Corporation, Dow Pioneer Coal Company, Dr. R. M. Graves Corporation, Drake Cleaners & Laundry Co., Drazba Funeral Home, Inc., Dudzeele Corporation of America, Durable Floors Corporation, Dutton Investing Corporation, Duffy Restaurant System, Inc., Dictatype Shorthand Machine Company, Inc., The, Day & Night Auto Safety Signal Co., Donahoe's, Incorporated, Decatur Corporation, Double Thread Bit Company.

E. K. Manuel, Inc., E. L. O'Harra, Inc., E. M. Sheppard & Co., E. R. Alexander, Inc., Eagle Transfer Co., Eastern Breeders Association, Eastern Building Corporation, Eastern Consolidated Gas Company, Eastern Distilleries Corporation, Eastern Fur Exporters, Incorporated, The, Eastern Stelos Company, Eastern Trust Company, Easy Made Products Co., Inc., Echo Tavern (Drink & Eats Co.), Echophone Radio Corporation, Ecta Corporation, Ed. Mocenter Inc., Eden Oil Company, Eden Park Realty Company, Egli Wine Corporation, Ehko Company, Inc., The, El Canada Mines, Inc., El Paso Mortgage Corporation, El-curt Oil Corporation, The, Electric Appliance Finance Company, Electric Appliances, Inc., Electric Merchants, Incorporated, Electric Motors, Inc., Electric Service Company, Electric Sheet and Tin Plate Company, The, Electrical Association of America, The, Eleventh Ward Polish Democratic Club, Elfen Corporation, The, Elgin Battery Corporation, Eljay Corporation, Eljay Shirt Co., Inc., Elkton Concrete Products Company, Ellanjay Investment Corporation, Elnwood, Inc., Elois Stocking Productions, Incorporated, Emerald Oil Company, Empire Electric & Water Company, Inc., Empire Forms, Inc., Empire Mortgage Company of California, Empire Railway Supply Corporation, Empire Silica Company, Employee's Reserve Association of America, The, Engineering Corporation, Engineering Tool Corporation, Enterprise Milling Company, Equitable Home Loan Company, Equitable Motors & Credit Co., Equity Petroleum Corporation, Escrow Corporation of America, Etna Chemical Company, Inc., Eugene A. Smith, Incorporated, Eugene Vassallo, Inc., Evanston Publishing Company, Ever-Plastics Corporation, Express Electro Plating, Inc., Em-Kay, Inc., Empire Brick & Supply Corporation, Electric Smelters, Inc., Emulsio Company, Inc., Equatorial Oil Company.

F. E. Nugent Funeral Home, Inc., Facidis Oil & Gas Corporation, Fairlawn Merchandising Service Inc., Falmouth Oil Company, Famosonda Club Inc., The, Federal Bake Shops of South, Inc., Federal Land & Livestock Company, Inc., Federal Law Services, Inc., Federal Refining Company, The, Federal Subsistence Homesteads Corporation, Federal System of Bakeries of Tennessee, Inc., Federated Brewers & Distillers Corporation, Feldman Construction Company, Fence Specialties, Inc., Fibrotex, Inc., Fidelity Credit Corporation, Fifth Avenue Publishing Company, Inc., Financial Credit Association Inc., Fine Arts Paint Co., Inc., First Mutual Corporation, The, Fisher Mining Company, Inc., Fleet Dry Cleaners, Inc., Fleetwing Diesel Engine Works, Inc., Flemings, Incorporated, Flexible Fastener Corporation, Flodel Realty Corporation, Flood Rehabilitation Corporation, Florida Oil and Refining Company, Florida Ranch & Dairy Corporation, Florida Tex Oil Company, Flower Electrotypes Corporation, Floyd E. Moore Inc., Fluor Spar Mines of America, Inc., Fog Nozzle Corporation, Folding Portable Bathroom Company, Folicular Corporation, The, Forest Properties, Inc., Foundation For Human Research, Inc., The, Fountain Beauty Salon, Inc., Four Square Products, Inc., Four States Oil Company, Fox West Coast Service Corporation, Frankford Engineering Corporation, Frankford Hosiery Mills Company, Franklin Airways Advertising Corporation, Fraser Appliance Company, Inc., Frate-Loder, Inc., Frederic James Co., Inc., The, Frederica Water and Ice Company, Freeman Laboratories, Inc., Fremont Gold Mines, Inc., French Company of Washington, D. C., The, Freund Plumbing & Heating Corporation, The, Frink Corporation, The, Frontenac Corporation, Full Expansion Engine Corporation, Fancy Papers, Inc., Foam Process Company, First Personal Bankers Corporation, Foster Oil Company, Fullers Earth Corporation of America.

Great Southern Oil Company, Inc., Galena Brewing Company, Galt-Brown Company, The, Gas Brake Co., The, Gayety Wine & Liquor Shoppe, Inc., Gene Raymond Producing Corporation, General Broadcasting System, Inc., General Builders Corporation, General Coffee Corporation, General Construction Company, General Corporate Shares, Inc., General Credit Corporation, General Geophysical Corporation, General Manganese Corporation, General Motive Power Corporation, General Placer & Mining Company, Incorporated, General Research Inc., General Sales Promotion Corporation, The, General Service Corporation, General Show Card Machine Company, General Woodworking Co., Inc., Genessee Greyhound Exhibitors Association, Geo. H. Jones Sand Co. Inc., George H. Bauer, Incorporated, Geo. S. White Company, Inc., Geo. W. McCaulley & Son, Inc., Georgetown Coffee Shoppe, Inc., Georgetown Concert Band, Inc., Georgetown Gas Company, The, Georgia Coating Clay Company, Germantown Small Loan Company, Gewehr Piano Company, Gilbert's Identification Devices, Incorporated, Gilchrist & Company, Gillette-Rosenberger Date Gardens, Inc., Gillord Corporation, The, Girard Textiles Inc., Gladiola Beauty Salon, Inc., Glass Corporation of America, Glen-Dar Can Co., Glenlan Properties Incorporated, Globe Company, The, Globe Office Furniture Company, Gold Horseshoe Mines, Inc., Gold Mesa Mines, Inc., Gold Mountain Mining Co., Inc., Gold Productions Corporation, Gold Token Mining Company, Gold Venture Mining & Development Co., Inc., Golden Eagle Central Lines, Inc„ Golden Gate Mining Company, Golden Saddle Mining Company, Golden State Gold Mining Company, Goldrox Inc., Graham-Block Company, Graham Motor Service Company, Granada Mining Company, Grand View Gardens Corporation, Graphic Statistics, Inc., Gravity, Incorporated, Great American National, Inc., Great Lakes Aircraft Corporation, Great Northern Mining Corporation, Great Western Mutual Benefit Association, The, Greenaker Gas and Oil Company, Inc., Greendale Products Company, Greenville Coaling and Export Corporation, Greenwater Copper Mines and Smelter Company, Gregg Advertising Company of Texas, Inc., Gregg Omaha Oil Co., Greyhound Oil Corporation, Guadagno-Davis & Company, Inc., Guarantee Building Corporation, Guaranty Discount Corporation, Guaranty Underwriters, Inc. of Florida, Guatemala Mining Company, Guerclon Specialty Co., Gunto Fibres, Inc., Gustav Lindenthal Corporation, Gillies Order System, Inc., Geo. K. Stevenson Company, General Implement Company.

H. E. Fisher & Co., H. M. S. Oil Corporation, Hagerty & Gee, Inc., Haines Manufacturing Company, Halco Manufacturing Company, The, Hambleton & Company, Hambleton Corpora-ton, The, Hamilton Finance Service, Inc., Hamilton Oil Company, Handley Clearing House, Inc., Handy Parts Stores Company, Ltd., Hanover Investors, Inc., Hansen Oil Storage Company, Hansen-Duluth Company, Har-Le Hansen-Hieb Incorporated, Hardwick Construction Company Inc., Harold's Food Market, Inc., Harriman Fund Management Corporation, Harriman Investors Fund, Inc., Harrisburg Seed Company, Harron Hosiery Corporation, Hart Coal Corporation, Harteld Foundation, Inc., Hartford Battery Sales Corporation, The, Hartsfield System, Inc., Harvey, Carlton, & Co., Inc., Harvey Manufacturing Company, Hava Treat Corporation, Hazle's Thrifty Mart, Inc., Healey Shoe Manufacturing Company, Health Services, Incorporated, Heatomatic Corporation, Helark Concrete Products Manufacturing Co., Inc., Hellertown Shoe Manufacturing Company, Henderson Bros. 'Corporation, Henry Oil and Gas Company, Henry Oxenburg, Incorporated, Henry S. Morris, Inc., Herald Post Incorporated, Herbert Dress Company, Inc., Hercules Transport Company, Inc., The, Herd J. Colville, Inc., Hertzig Inc., Herwick Products Corporation, Hexin, Inc., Higher Harmonics Organization, Inc., Highway Guardian Co., Inc., Hilliard Products Company, Inc., Hockey Association of St. Louis, Inc., Holly Style Stores, Inc., Hollywood Inn, Inc., Hollywood Roto-Tank, Ltd., Holmes-Weborg Oil Company, Incorporated, Harmandas Distillery & Winery Corporation, Home Construction Co., Inc., Holloway Terrace Civic Association and Volunteer Fire Company No. 1, Home Market Basket Association, Inc., The, Home Oil & Gas Co. Inc., The, Home Unit Manufacturers Syndicate, Hotel Haddam, Incorporated, Hotel Hornell, Inc., Houser Associates Incorporated, The, Howard-Hutton Corporation, Howells-Lovell Corporation, Hudson River Steamboat Company, Inc., Hudson & Southern Company, The, Hugh T. Morgan and Associates, Inc., Huntington School, Inc., The, HurlburtCosby Refineries Company, Hutchinson Court Apartments Corporation, Huxley Bronze Casting Company, The, Hwa Mei Publishing Co., Inc., Hyde Holding Company, Hardin Chemical Corporation, Henry H. Love Company, Inc.

I. E. Silver Co., I. W. Tarburton & Co., Inc., Icefin Cot Engineering Corporation, Iceland, Incorporated, Idaho-Alaska Corporation, Ideal Distributing Company of Pennsylvania, Igo-Shasta Consolilated Mining Corporation, Illinois Cigarette Service Co., Illinois Rural Credit Association, Illinois Western Oil Company, Imperial Building Corporation, Imperial Clay Products Corporation, Imperial Motor Courts, Inc., Imperial Studios, Inc., Indel, Incorporated, Independent Mutual Life, Inc., Index Publishing Company, The, Indiana Frog and Mushroom Company, Inc., Industrial Insulation, Inc„ Industrial Transit Corporation, Industries of America, Inc„ Inter Credit Corporation, Inter-Mountain Grain Growers, Inc., Inter-State Protective Association, Intercontinental Corporation of America, Intercontinental Patents, Inc., International Association of Domestic Workers, Inc., International Educational Association, International Export Corporation, International Foods Corporation, International Gold Corporation, International Gold Mining Co., Inc., International Oil Worker Publishing Corporation, International Pineapple Corporation, International Recording Machine, Inc., International Vegetable Oil Company Incorporated, International Wall Corporation, Interstate Finance Corporation, Interstate Interests, Inc., Interstate Machinery Corporation, Interstate Royalty Corporation, Interstate Zinc & Lead Company, Intra-Coastal Corporation, Intra-Counties Gas Company, Investment Land Corporation, Investors Trusteed Fund Distributors, Inc., Ionic Industries, Inc., Ira E. Gee, Inc., Irving Securities Corporation, Italian Grocers Association of Philadelphia, Inc., Italian Republican League, Italian Veterans of America, Inc., Ivanhoe Corporation, Ivor of Hollywood Incorporated, International Dental Health Foundation for Children, Inc., Interstate Realty Corporation, Institute of Photogrammetry, Inc., International Screw Company.

J. C. Lombard Company, Inc., J. C. & M. G. Mayer Realty Corporation, J. E. Lange, Inc., J. P. Scott, Inc., J. R. Crawford, Inc., J. Rogers Flannery & Co., J. Steve Anderson, Jr., Inc., J. T. Corporation, Jackomatic Corporation, Jacobson Brothers Co., James A. Mosteller, Inc., James L. Scott & Co., Inc., James L. Wilson and Company, Incorporated, James L. Windsor & Son, Inc., Jefferson Street Company, Jefson Corporation, The, Jeweler and Goldenhorn, Inc., John R. Wright Corporation, John W. Bradford & Company, John X Pie Company, Inc., Joseph E. Decosta Company, Inc., Joseph H. A. Decatur, Inc., Jefferson Realty Company, Jas. S. McCormick Co., Johnson Miller, Incorporated.

Kane-American Corporation, Kaufman-Brening Cleaners, Inc., Kel Company, Inc., Keller Engineering Corporation, Kells Generator & Automatic Refrigerator, Inc., Kelly Dry-Pure Juice Corporation, Kelly-Lester Milk Company, Inc., Kenco Corporation, Kendall Manufacturing Co., Inc., Kenefick Realty Corporation, Kennedy Brothers, Incorporated, Kent Electrical & Supply Co., Inc., Kent-Sussex Feed Company, Kentucky Distillers, Inc., Kenyon & Co., Inc., Keystone Syndications, Inc„ King Cotton Company, King's Pass Gold Company, Inc., Kings-Ley, Inc., Kissileff and Company, Kistner Corporation, Kit-Hanne Pottery Co., Klorosol, Ltd., Knickerbocker Associates, Inc., Known Truth Inc., Knox Coaster Company, Kookley's Tea Room Co., Kosmos Export Company, Ltd., Kres-Kno Oil Burner Corporation, Kuhl & Co., Kumyss, Inc., Kaolin Corporation of America.

L. L. Beal and J. Bard McCandless, Inc., L & S Incorporated, La Grande Hot Lake Sanitarium, Inc., La-Plata Comstock Gold Mines, Inc., Labor's Non-Partisan League of Alleghany County, Pennsylvania, Inc., Lacy's Restaurant, Inc., Lady Bug Mine, ncorporated, Lafayette, Incorporated, The, Lamb Oil Company, Land, Inc., Landlith Improvement Company, Lascose Chemical Corporation, Laura Harlan, Inc., Lawar, Incorporated, Le Baron Baltique, Ltd., Lea Holding Corporation, Leet Motor Co., Lefever & Jenks Investment Corporation, Legner & Legner, Inc., Leonard Petroleum Company, Levick Mining Company, Levine & Tanz, Inc., Levit and Woorman; Inc., Lewis-White Company, 1 nc., Lexington Mining Corporation, Liberal Finance Company, Inc., Liberty Cleaning and Dyeing Company, Lima Foundry and Machine Company of Lima Ohio, The, Limelands Plantation, Inc., Lincoln American Life Association, Linwood Laboratories, Inc., Linx Knitwear Corporation, Lion Fastener, Inc., Liquid Drying Corporation of America, Literature and Arts Publishing Company, Ltd., The, Little Otter Mines, Inc., Little Sol, Inc., Littlefield, Alvord & Company, Live Oak Mining and Milling Company, Local Oil Company, Brainerd Minnesota, Lodor, Inc., Lorrol Steamship Corporation, Lost Mine Corporation, Louis Cole Emmons Coal Company, The, Louis Gold & Company Incorporated, Louis Wilke Manufacturing Company, Louisiana Oil and Sales Company Inc., Love Mines, Incorporated, The, Luce Gift Shop, Inc., Ludlow Realty Company, Luebbert's American Pharmacy, Inc., Lunch Stick Corporation, Lund Pharmacy, Inc., Luxite Company, The, Lynch Distributing Company, Leonard Exploration Company, Lundelius & Eccleston Motors Corporation.

M-K Oil Company, Inc., Maclou Corporation, Macmullen Brothers and Company Incorporated, Mad Ox Mines, Inc., Maddock-Dyer Process Co., Madison Merchandise Company, Magnolia Mining Company, Majestic Life Association, Major Film Productions, Inc., Major Shares Corporation, Malcolm Manufacturing Company, Malone Holding Corporation, Management and Research Incorporated, Manatawny Silk Company, Manchester Coal Mines Inc., Manfre Advertising Agency, Inc., Manor Corporation, Manoukian Bros., Inc., Mansul Chemical Company, Manufacturers Merchants Investment Corporation, Manwaring Corporation, Marathon Mining Company, Marbelee Corporation, Marchegiani & Mazzella, Incorporated, Marigold Mining and Milling Co., Marillac Gold Mines Limited, Marine Air Terminals, Incorporated, Marine Fish Company, Mariscal Mercury Mines, Inc., Mark Keshishian, Inc., Mark Maggs Roofing Co., Market Street Beef Co., Marks Motors, Inc., Marshall Mining Company, Inc., Marshall Oil Co., Marshel Discount Co., Martin Hairdressers, Inc., Martin Store Fixture Company, Incorporated, Massachusetts Oil Corporation, Masters Steel Frame Company, Masterpiece Cigar Co., Matchless Company, Matthews Radio Corporation, Mayflower Open Kitchen, Inc., McCambridge Co., The, McCormick Laboratories, Inc., The, McDonnell and Gorman Inc., McKee Corporation, McKeever-Hartung Company, Inc., McKinney Door Sales Company, McNeal Investment Company, McNeil Mineral Developments, Ltd., Mechanical Cashiers, Inc.. Media Pontiac, Inc., Melde Lug-Stone & Equipment Co., Inc., Meleroda Oil Exploration Co., Mercana Mining and Development Company, Mercantile Arcade Realty Corporation, Merchants Acceptance Co., Merchants Bank Investment Company, Meridian Film Distributors, Inc., Metal Egg Crate Company, Metal Mining Corporation, Metal Specialty Company, Metals Extrusion Company, Inc., Metlox Products, Inc., Metro Motor Mart, Inc., Metropolitan Fuel Oil Company, Metropolitan Sporting Association, Mexandia Mining Company, Mexican Quicksilver Company, Meyeve, Inc., Michigan Dome Oil & Gas Corporation, Michigan Flower Growers, Incorporated, Mid-Continent Quicksilver Corporation, The, Mid-West Farms Company, Mid-West Investment Corporation, Mid-West Oil Company of America, Middleton Advertising Corporation, The, Midwest Corporation, Midwest and Northern Realty Company, Milferd Beauty Academy, Inc., Mill Creek Gold Mines, Inc., Miller, McKee & Company, Inc., Milo Bar Bell Company, Inc., Milone's Bakery, Incorporated, Mina Oro Grande Mining Milling & Exploration Company, Inc., Mining Machinery Manufacturing & Sales Company, Mining Systems, Inc., Minn-Mont Company, Minnesota Mortgage Loan Company, Minnesota Telephone Company, Minnicks Realty Corporation, Minor C. Keith Memorial Corporation, Miss Frances, Inc., Missouri Gas Transmission Company, Mrs. A. A. Gutgesell, Inc., Modern Homes, Incorporated, Modern Builders, Inc., Modern Laboratories, Inc., Modern Maid Company, Modern Scale Corporation, The, Moderne Food Shop, Inc., Moderne Products Corporation, Modot, Inc., Mohawk Oil Company, Moheco Heating Co., Inc., Monagas Oil Fields Corporation, Monarch Land and Livestock Corporation, Mondall Publishing Corporation, Mono-Wheel Trailer Corporation, Montgomery County Oil Company, Montifiore Mutual Benefit Society of Wilmington, Delaware, The, Moroccan Pawnbroking Co., Inc., Morrison Service Association, Inc., Mortgage Union of Penn., The, Moss Filled Wreath Company, The, Mossgeil Club, Inc., Motherlode Development Corporation, Motor Chemical Products, Inc., Mount Baker Chromium Corporation, Mount Pearl Mineral Company, Inc., Mueller Variety Stores, Incorporated, Mugwump Gold Mines Corporation, Mutual Aid Society, Mutual Cosmetic Company, Inc., Mutual Investment Service, Inc., Mutual Life Insurance Company of the United States, Myers & Watters, Incorporated, Mary K. Mines, Inc., The, Macdair Co., Meadow Appliance Corporation, Marvabalm, Inc., Matthews Bradford Oil Company, Inc., Motologue Advertising Corporation, Middletown Brewing Company, Inc., Midland Utilities Company, Marion DeVries, Incorporated, Muskegon Finance Company.

National Fertilizer Corporation, National Food Products Corporation, The, National Fund, Incorporated, National Goodwill Guild, Inc., National Macaroni Company, Inc., National Mineral Separation Company, National Mortgage Company of Harrisburg, Pa., National Mutual Management Corporation, National Paper Process Co., Inc., National Penny Stores, Inc., National Personnel Service, Inc., National Petroleum Corporation, National Realty Co., National Recording Studios, Inc., National Security Mutual Life Corporation, National Space, Power Tranmission Corporation of Delaware, The, National State Federal Aid Association, National Survey Service Securities Corporation, National Tool Service, Inc., National Trading Corporation, National Underwriters, Inc., National Wireless Power and Light Corporation, Nation's Capital Realty Corporation, Natural Color Films, Inc., Natural Color Picture Corporation, Neba Gold Mining Company, Nehi Bottling Company, Incorporated of Washington, D. C., Neill Products Corporation, Nemo Oil Company, New Age Publishing Company, N. G. Stevenson American Import & Export Co., Inc, N. and U. Oil Company, Nap Furniture Company, Napoleon The First, Inc., National Aid Society of America, National Association of Work Clothes Manufacturers, Inc., National Automatic Distributors Association, National Automobile Club, National Capital Building Investment Company, National Capital Horse Show Association, Incorporated, National Cooperative Auction, Inc., National Corporation of Peru, National Electric News Signs, Inc., National Electrical Research & Manufacturing Company, National Manicuring Machine Company, Ltd., New Centre Restaurant Company, Inc., The, New Confidence Mining Company, The, New Deal Raincape Corporation, New Dictatype Company, Incorporated, New England Furniture & Carpet Company, New England Lime Company, New Flexible Arch Support Company, The, New Jersey Engineering Service Corporation, New Van Dorn Gold Mining Company, New York Navigation Company, New York and Pennsylvania Air Express, Inc., Newark Development Company, Newland Ice & Cold Storage Company, The, News-Times Publishing Company, Inc., Newton Finance Corporation, The, Newton Realty Corporation, Nicaragua and Atlantic Coast Airways, Inc., Nicholas Power Company, Nichol's Pharmacy, Inc., Nichols Products Co., Nickel Alloy Company, 965 Fifth Avenue Corporation, Ninth Street Shoe Market, Inc., Nirvana Estates, Inc., Noelco, Inc., Nogales Smelting Corporation, Nolan Motor Company, Incorporated, Norfield Mines, Limited, Norfolk Oil Corporation, North American Agency, Incorporated, North American Lumber & Timber Corporation, North American Motor Freight Lines, Inc., Northern Floor Covering, Inc., Northern Paving & Construction Co., North-West Creosoting Co., Northwestern Dental Laboratory, Inc., Northwestern Investors Service, Incorporated, Nortonville Coal Company, Norwalk Engineering Corporation, Nu-Dri Inc., Nu-Whip Distributors, Inc., N'U Products Corporation of America, Nueces Refining Company, Nutex Company, The, Nyack Kennel Club, Inc., Northern Discount Corporation, National Credit Finance Corporation, Newton's Hitchin' Post, Inc., National Farm News Publishing Co., The, National Lignin Products Corporation, National Post Manufacturing Co., Inc., National Talc Co., Inc., Natural Resources Company, The, National Electric Signal Company.

0-Connell Motor Truck Co., 0. F. Stuefer, Inc., 0. J. Stevens & Company, O-Neh-Da Products, Inc., 0. 0. Tarrant Co., Inc., Oak Grove Company, Oak Lumber Company, Oakhurst Garden Apartments Corporation, Oaks Inc., The, Oceanic Nitrates Corporation, Oil Burner Service and Supply Company, Oil Men's Service Association, Oilmens' Supply and Finance Company, Okanagan Lake Oil & Gas Company, Okay Radio Company, Oklahoma Biltmore, Inc., Oklahoma-Kansas Natural Gas Corporation, Old Age Benefit Society, Incorporated, Old Joe Distributing Co., Old Lot Gold Mines Inc., Olympia Gold Mining Corporation, Orange Court Enterprises, Inc., Order of American Patriots (Incorporated), Oregon Timber & Logging Company, Inc., Orinoco Valley Land Company, Orsa Corporation, Osage and Eastland Oil Company, The, Oslo Importing and Distributing Corporation, Ouachita Mining Corporation, Overland Oil Corporation, Owen Electric Company, Oxford Holding Corporation.

Pacific Exploration and Mining Co., Inc., Pacific Hotel-Apartment Co., Pacific Pulp Sales Company, Palestine Marine Company, Ltd., Palmen-Malott Company, The, Pan American Colonial Overseas, Ltd., Pan-American Mining Company, Panama Coal & Mining Company, Pantheon Corporation, The, Paper Sales Company of Detroit, Parafea Theatre Leasing Corporation, Pararialto Theatre Leasing Corporation, Parisian Manufacturing Co., Inc., Park Hotel Company, Parkwood Trading Corporation, Passion Fruit, Incorporated, Patents Exploitation Corporation, Pathfinder Pictures, Inc., Patrician Mining Co., Ltd., Patterson-Hettinger Company, Paul Carlton Mines Corporation, Paul E. Wirt Fountain Pen Company, Paul R. Davis, Inc., Pauly Manufacturing Company, The, Peacock Motion Picture Company, Inc., Pearson & Gladney, Inc., Pechal Development Co., Pedro Oil Corporation, Peggy Hart, Inc., Peninsular Refining Corporation, Penn Associates, Inc., Penn Building Corporation, Penn Capital City Limb Co., Penn Construction Company, The, Penn Echo Company, Penn-Haven Terminals Company, The, Penn Kansas Oil Company, Penn. Mortgage and Discount Co., Penn Securities Company, Penn Steamship Company, Pennark Petroleum Corporation, Pennrose Corporation, Penn-stake Gold Mining Corporation, Pennsylvania Crude Oil Co., Pennsylvania Machinery Corporation, Pennsylvania Oil and Sales Company, Inc., Peoples Furniture Company of Uniontown, Peoples Purchasing & Service Corporation, Peoples Realty Company, Perfection Milker Company, Inc., Perisho, Inc., Permaset Corporation, The, Permian Oil Company, Inc., Persian Petroleum Corporation, Personal Finance Company of Ansonia, Personal Finance Company of Atlanta, Personal Finance Company of Augusta, Personal Finance Company of Bayonne, Personal Finance Company of Bristol, Personal Finance Company of Centralia, Personal Finance Company of Ironwood, Personal Finance Company of Macon, Personal Finance Company of Middletown, Personal Finance Company of Pottstown, Personal Finance Company of Rhode Island, Personal Finance Company of Savannah, Peter H. Markmann Funeral Home Inc., Petrol Coastal Refining Corporation, Petroleum Rights Corporation, Philadelphia Auburn-Cord Company, Philadelphia Football Club Inc., Philadelphia Fruit and Produce Truckmens' Association, Philadelphia Hat Crafters Association, The, Philadelphia Masonry Contracting Co., Philadelphia Mining and Milling Company, Philatelic Finance, Inc., Phoenix Service Co., Physicians and Dentists Service Bureau, Inc., Pictorial Art Company, Pilgrim Petroleum Products Incorporated, Pine Kindler Corporation, Pine Theatre Company, Inc., Pioneer Investment & Research Corporation, Pioneer Novelty Distributing Corporation, The, Pirnie, Simons & Company, Inc., Piseda Corporation, Pittsburgh Apartment Association, Inc., Pittsburgh Engine and Gear Corporation, Pixie Corporation, The, Plastorene, Incorporated, Platanar Mines, Inc., The, Plumas-Eureka Mines, Inc., Plymouth Farms, Inc., Pobrosal Company, Inc., Pollock Oil Company, Polo-Golf Sales Corporation, Polymet Manufacturing Corporation, Ponderoso Mfg. Co., Port Bolivar Company, Port Bolivar Oil & Refining Company, Port Service Corporation, Portledge Mining Company, Inc., Postive Seal Closure Company, Potomac Varnish Works, Inc., Poultry & Produce Co., Inc., Prescott Importing Co., Inc., Press Cafeteria, Inc., Preston M. Nolan and Company, Inc., Priestley Mining and Milling Company, Princess Royal Hosiery Mills, Inc., Princeton Manor Corporation, Printing Varnishes, Inc., Printmaster Corporation, The, Processes, Inc., Profitshare Fuel Company, Progressive Club, The, Property Conservation, Inc., Provident Accident Society, Provident Aid Society, Provident Land and Loan Company, The, Provident Mutual Company, The, Provident Plan, Inc., Prudential Realty Company, Inc., Public Banking Service, Inc., Publix Shea Theatres, Inc., Pulaski Mineral Springs Co., rple Diamond Oil, Inc., Putnam Holding Corporation, Pyramid Construction Corporation, Python Brake & Equipment Corporation, Plog Steam Motor Company, Pocono Haven, Inc., Professional Service Company, Peoples Finance Society, Processed Asphalt Corporation.

Quality Shoe Stores, Inc., The, Quicksafe Manufacturing Corporation.

R. H. Manning & Company, R. H. Martz Inc., R. M. Hunt Company, Inc., R. N. Padgett, Incorporated, R. & R. Inc., R. R. Williams Sales Co., Inc., R. Steinberg, Inc., R. W. Vane Packing Company, Radio Mines Holding Company, Inc., Radio Rental Co., The, Radium & Gold Mines, Ltd., Rail Chair Corporation, Railways Cinema Corporation, Rainbow Lode Development Company, Rainbow Mining Company, Inc., Ranchlands, Inc., Ran.. dolph 13. Blaydes Co., Inc., Ransome & Smith Corporation, Rapid Tally Voting Machine Corporation, Rate Research Corporation, Raybeam Manufacturing & Sales Corporation, Raymond and Burke Inc., Reading Art Bronze Works, Inc., Redmond Construction Co., Reel Mop Sales Corporation, Regent Mines, Inc., Rehoboth Laboratories, Inc., Reinhardt & Company, Rendle Contracting Company, Resistcor Engineering Corporation, Resolute Mining Company, Retail Properties Corporation, Reyem Realty Company, Incorporated, The, Richards Research Laboratories, Inc., Richfield Oil Company of California, Richhill Oil and Gas Company, Rio, Inc., "Ripper" Superspeed Aircraft, Inc., Rising Sun Mining Corporation, Ritterhouse Company, Ritz Hotel Company, Riverside Grill, Inc., The, Riverside Realty Corporation, Rivoli Holding Corporation, Robbins Bros. & Co., Robbins Hose Company No. 1 of Dover, Delaware, Robert A. Lentz, Incorporated, Robertson-Brownlee, Inc., Robeson Improvement Corporation, Robot-Hand Corporation, Rockwood Investments Corporation, Rocky Lake Mining Co., Ltd., Rocky Mountain Oil & Refining Co., Inc., Rodman, Incorporated, Roesler & Howard, Inc., Roland E. Quillen, Inc., Rolling Homes, Incorporated, Romancing of Industry, Inc., Rosalind Shop, Inc., The, Rose Hill Boccistico Club, Inc., Rosemont Development Company, Inc., Rotary Construction Company, The, Rotary Drilling Company, The, Round Robin Buffet, Inc., Royal Finance Company, Royal Gold Mine, Inc., Royal Gold & Silver Mines, Inc., Royal Ice Company, Royalty Purchase Corporation, Rural Gas Company, Inc., Rush & Toal, Inc., Russian Orthodox Cathedral of The Holy Virgin Protection of The City of New York, Inc., The, Ryan Associates, Inc., Ryan Stores Company, Ryser, Graham & Riley, Inc.

S. and B. Rubber and Chemical Corporation, S. Gualtieri Funeral Home, Inc., S. Scott Joy, Inc., Sabine Development Company, Safe Speed Airplane Corporation, Safety Devices Manufacturing Corporation, Sagol Company, Salamon Motor Company, Salt City Kennel Club, Inc., Samax Construction Corporation, The, Sand Creek Mining & Milling Co., Sanpara Theatre Leasing Corporation, Santa Fe Royal Oil Co., Santander Navigation Corporation, Santos-American Shipping Corporation, Sara Moore Frock Co. Inc., Sasser Realty Company, Inc., Savage Land Company, Savon Oil & Refining Corporation, Scandent Corporation, Scanlan's, Inc., Schleicher Corporation, The, Schuett-Meier Company, Schwinn, Inc., Scott & Bran, Inc., Scottish Dye Works, Ltd., Scranton Professional Window Cleaning Company, Seaford Investment Company, Security Commercial Company, The, Segco, Inc., Segovia Development Company, Inc., Seigel and Katz, Inc., Sek Chemicals, Inc., Self-Service Advertising Corporation, Sellers, Inc., Sentman Motor Company, Inc., Sequoia Mining and Milling Company, Service and Credit Corporation, Sessions & Co. Inc., 17th Ward Social Club, Inc., Shaffer's Hofbrau, Inc., Shamrock Oil and Gas Company, Sharp Gold Placer Corporation, Sharpo Specialties Company, Shaw and Brown, Incorporated, Sheldon Corporation, The, Shoe Conformer Corporation, Sierra Equipment Corporation, Silica Supplies, Inc., Silver Creek Milling Company, Inc., Silver Super System, Inc., Simon Atlas, Inc., Simpler Lumber & Coal Co., Sinepuxent Tribe No. 16, Improved Order of Red Men, Inc., Singer Corporation, The, Sirron Plastics, Inc., Sixteenth Street Highlands of Maryland, Inc., Sixty-Seven Wall Street Restaurant Corporation, Skeldon, Inc., Smuggler Mining and Milling Company, Inc., The, Sno-Ice Company, Synder & Hay, Inc., Soap Stamping Machine Co., South Continent Oil Company, Southeastern Products Company, Southern California Discount Corporation, Southern Corporation, Southern Developments Inc., Southern Exploration Company, Inc., Southern Protective Union, Southern Restaurant, Inc., Southern Rubber Company, Southern Sales Corporation, Southland Coal Company, Southwest Metals Company, Southwestern Outdoors, Inc., Southwestern Research & Administrative Corporation, Sovereign Steamship Company, Inc., Sparks Construction Company, Inc., Spartan Oil Company, Spazier Chemical Products, Inc., Specialties of Tedco, Inc., Speedrill Corporation, The, Speiser and Leventhal, Inc., Split Coach Motor Corporation, Spring Creek Placer Mining Company, Spring Cushion Egg Carton Corporation, Springfield Manufacturing Corporation, Stack Heat Converter Corporation, Standard Coal Distillation, Inc., Standard Diesel Engine Company, Standard Highway Illuminating Company, Standard Loan and Credit Company, Standard Match Corporation, Standard Mines, Inc., Standard Mortgage Company, Standard Oilshares, Inc., Standard Petroleum Corporation of Wyoming, Standard Shop Equipment Company, Star Mines, Inc., Steele Brokerage and Sales Corporation, Sterling Oil Company, Inc., Steubenville Pike Coal Company, Stevens & Wigton Co., Inc., Stocker Realty Company, Stone-Warfield Company, Inc., Stouffer's Buffet Sandwiches, Inc., Stouffer's, Inc., Stratford Pictures Corporation, Straube Piano Company, Strebor & Company, Inc., Streets of Paris, Inc., Student Orchestras of Wilmington, Inc., The, Sturdi-Truck Manufacturing Company, Summit Poultry Farm, Inc., Sun Realty & Securities Corporation, Suncrest Lumber Company, Sunflower Bond and Investment Company, Sunnylands, Inc., Sunrise Oil Company, Sunset Investment Company, Superior Oil Producing Company, Supply Manufacturing & Sales Corporation, Supreme Razor Strop Corporation, Surface Products Co., Inc., Syndicated Features Corporation, Syreen Bros. Oil Company, Syreen Oil Corporation, Scientific Production & Development Co., Southern Production Corporation, Surfacing Wheel Corporation, Somoa Products Company, Inc., Sager Pen Corporation, Seaboard Chemicals Corporation, Shively Holding Corporation, The, Signal Oil Company, Six States Coal Corporation, South American Oil Company, Southern Chromium Corporation.

T. W. D. Transportation Inc., Table Mountain Producers Inc., Talisman Corp. Ltd., Tarbud Oil Corporation, Taremul Corporation, Taxicab Manufacturing Corporation, Taylor Shares, Inc., Tecol Products Corporation, Television & Electric Corporation of America, Telford Apartment Company, The, Terminal Transportation System, Inc., Terra Lava Mines, Inc., Texas Centennial Oil Company, Texas Gulf Petroleum Company, Texas National Producers, Inc., Texas Vapor Phase Corporation, Texfornia Company, Thames Aircraft Incorporated, Thatcher Company, The, Theatre League, Inc., Thermo Hydraulic Shock Absorber Company, Thomas Drein and Son Company, Thomas F. McGowan, Inc., Thomas H. Dole, Inc., Thos. McConnell's Sons, Inc., Thrift and Loan Finance Corporation, Thrifty Patent Products Corporation, Thurston Finance Corporation, Thurston Investment Corporation, Tidewater Lumber Company, Inc., Tire Shop Co., The, Titanium Corporation, Token and Trade Check Corporation, Tolde-Kolkman Mfg. Corporation, Toledo Lead, Inc., The, Topkis Construction Company, Toro Mining Corporation, Torrento Development Corporation, Touraine Cafe, Inc., Tower Town Topics, Incorporated, Toxic Gas Research Corporation, Trade, Inc., Trade Relations Committee of The National Lime Association, Incorporated, The, Trade School House, Inc., Trailer Cushion Industries, Incorporated, Trans American Oil and Royalty Company, Trans-Lux Restaurant Company, Inc., Transcontinental Automobile Racing Association, Transcontinental Finance Corporation, Transequator, Inc., Travelpedia, Incorporated, Treasure Mountain Mining Co., Trebor Securities Corporation, Tri-State Cattle Loan Company, Tri-State Mining & Milling Co., Inc., Trinidad Corporation, Trinity Securities Company, Tripure Water Company, Trivision Licensing & Sales Corporation, Tropic Tours, Inc., Truckers Bureau, Inc., Tulsa Steel Corporation, Tung Oil Refining Corporation, Tupp Studios, Inc., Turf Herald Publications, Inc., Tuscarora Corporation, 20th Century Couch Mfg. Co., Inc., Twistout Thumb Tack Company, Tyers Milk Products, Inc.,Tyndale Publishing Company, Inc., The, Torbin Hill Mines, Inc., Thrift Auto Stores, Inc.

U. S. A. Travel Magazine, Inc., The, U. S. Motel Corporation, U. S. Realty And Development Co., Union Developing Co., Inc., Union Gold Mines Company, Union Hotels Company, Uniontown Printing Company, Union Plaza Apartments Corporation, Union Truck Depot, Inc., Unique Valet & Sales Co„ Inc., United Business Corporation, United Camps & Oil Co., Inc., United Clothing Co., United Engineering Co., Inc., United Fur Exchange, Incorporated, United Gold & Silver Company, United Guardian Life Association, United Hotels Securities Corporation, United Merchants' Association, Incorporated, United Novelties, Incorporated, United Security Company of Washington, D. C., United Standard Oilshares Corporation, United States Engineering Corporation, United States Fire Protection Corporation, United States Oil Corporation of America, United States Stove Corporation, United Student Enterprises, Inc., United Sponsors, Inc., United Standard Oilfund of America, Inc., United Venezuela Oil Corporation, United Water Corporation, Unity Oil Corporation, Universal Accounting Systems, Inc., Universal Building Products Corporation, The, Universal Emblem Syndicate, Universal Finance Corporation, Universal Foundry and Machine Co., Inc., Universal Life Company, The, Universal Protective Association, Universal Pump Company, Universal Security Corporation, Universal Soap Company, Universal Stables, Inc., Universal System of Lebanon, Incorporated, University Mfg. Co., Inc., Uppercu Corporation, Uscan Oil Company, Utah Rapid Transit Company, Utilities Appliance Corporation, Uzinele Romane De Automobile Ltd., United Distillers Corporation.

Vacuum Engine Corporation, Valla Engineering, Ltd., Van Sweringen Corporation, Vanilite Products, Inc., The, Vaporizer Distributors, Inc., Veda, Inc., Venango Silica Products Corporation, Vercalite Corporation, The, Vermont Products Co., Inc., Vertans' Grocers Corporation, Vicmore Fur Company, Inc., Victor Typewriter Company, Victoria Fiber Plantation Company, Virginia Placer Company, Visek Brothers, Inc., Vitamin Products Research Foundation, Inc., Vogue Display's Inc., Volcalight Manufacturnig Company, Voters Educational Research League, Inc., Vulcan Products Corporation, Van Dyke Chemical Company, Inc., Venezuela Speculations, Inc., Verde Mining Co.

W. A. Maurer Company, W. E. Sparks Studio, Inc., W. F. Anderson, Inc., W. G. Block Company, W. G. Clark Distilling Company, Inc., W. H. Neal & Sons, Inc., W. L. Comyn, Ltd., W. N. Alley Incorporated, W. N. Cardozo Furniture Company, W. N. Mcllravy, Inc., W. W. Randall and Company, Wade Lumber Company, Wakers Company, Incorporated, Walbridge Park Caterpillar Company, Walbridge Park Coliseum Company, Walbridge Park Cuddle Up Company, Walbridge Park Old Mill Company, The, Walbridge Park Skooter Company, Waldo Mining and Smelting Company, Walker Emergency Lighting Company, Walker Mining and Milling Company, Walter C. Pleasanton & Co., Walter Cole Service Station, Inc., Walton-Dodge Manufacturing Co., The, Warford Corporation, The, Warren Airways, Inc., Warren Light & Sign Corporation, Warren Stores, Incorporated, Warwick Securities Corporation, Warwick's Wine Shoppe, Inc., Washington Asphalt Paving Company, Washington Builders, Inc., Washington Fountain & Fixture Company, Washington Garden, Inc., Washington Holly Company, Inc., Washington Mutual Investment Corporation, Washington Realty And Investment Company, Washington Representatives, Incorporated, Washington Valet De Luxe, Inc., Washington Wine & Spirits Corporation, Waterhouse-LesterScovel. Co., Watson Rol-Dri Floor Mop Co., Watson Sales & Manufacturing, Inc., Wayside Gardens, Inc., Weibel Brewing Company, Wesleyan Diesel Service, Incorporated, West Coast Mining and Exploration Company, Inc., West Indian Development Company, Westark Construction Company, Western General Agency, Inc., The, Western Molybdenum Corporation, Western Mortgage Corporation, Western Oklahoma Milk Products Inc., Western Ore Reduction Corporation, Westpoint Wood Products Co., Inc., Wharton-Fisher Company, White City Coaster Company, White Mountain Stone & Marble Company, Inc., Whitten's Ice Cream Corporation, Wichita Investment Corporation, Wicker Corporation, The, Wil-Del Housing Corporation, Wilbarger Corporation, Wilcox, Scott & Co., Inc., Wilkes-Barre Beef Company, The, Willard Air Conditioning Company, Willard Properties, Inc., Wm. E. Schimpf & Company, Inc., William F. Marresford, Inc., William H. Fischer, Inc., William Holding Company, William Penn Enterprises, Inc., Williams Realty Company, Inc., Wilmington Hall Company, Wilmington Importing Co., Wilmington Insurance Agency, Inc., Wilmington Wall Paper Company, Inc., Wiloakes Printing Corporation, Wings of A Century, Inc., Woodbridge Dairy, Incorporated, Woods Brothers Corporation, Workers and Farmers Cooperative Association, Wyoming Industries, Inc., Winslow College. Inc., William Penn Alpha Association, Inc., The, Wm. Penn Garage Inc., The, Wertz Heating Inc., WaxElene Mfg. Company, Wilson Vegetable Oils, Limited.

X Ray Development Corporation.

Yatoconin Company, Yeomans Foods, Inc., Yod-Ine Chemical Company, Inc., Yogat Corporation, The, York Auto Supply Company, Inc., York Road Theatres, Inc., Yusa River Mining Company.

Zechmar Solomit Co., Zero Products Corporation, Zona Laboratories, Inc.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, RICHARD C. McMULLEN, Governor of the State of Delaware, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal to be hereunto affixed this twenty-second day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty, and of the Independence of the United States of America, the one hundred and sixty-fourth.


By the Governor:


JOSIAH MARVEL, JR., Secretary of State.